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About Us


Optimum Aviation Ltd is an aviation company situated in Juba, South Sudan. It is located at Airport Road at SEDECO Building Office Number 103. We are competent in our respective fields and have an excellent support staff to assist and attend to your cargo needs. We are a specialized cargo carrier across the borders of South Sudan, offering delivery of cargo carriers to all the ten states of South Sudan in both major cities and small towns. We provide our customers with service that is truly the best in the industry. This allows us to offer local logistic services to our customers regardless of the origin and destination of the cargo in South Sudan.

Our skillful team takes the time to understand each client’s requirements and find the amicable solution that satisfies their specifications. We are destined to render more personalized service to our clients. We put more effort on time factors and cost into consideration, as we aim to satisfy our customers. We invite you to consider our excellent service as we will attend to your aviation requirements.


We strive to ensure the delivery of goods and services through the most efficient and effective methods.


Our mission is to guarantee that the highest quality customer services are delivered with a sense of knowledge, openness
and company spirit.


To consistently meet our customers’ and stakeholder’s expectations through a clear understanding
of our decisions and actions

“Professional expertise in marketing, sales, and operationsl.”

Since 1986

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Core Values

Our Strength

We consistently meet our customer’s expectations through our promise to understand their needs.
• We serve customers diligently and with integrity.

We cooperate with charity organizations and support local communities in achieving their goals and potentials.

We support people with disabilities and the needy where necessary.

We achieve excellent product delivery records through our relentless efforts in pursuit of our vision and mission.

We have dedicated staff with a wealth of experience in the airline and other travel-related industries

We ensure that goods are well stored and airlifted without any deformation or
compromising with their physical, chemical, and biological properties.

We have a complete range of services to cover all of our partners’ needs

Professional expertise in marketing, sales, and operations

We embrace new technological advancements in the aviation industry
in order to enforce the most effective and efficient delivery of cargo to its final destination.

Unrivaled knowledge of local markets, customs, and culture and access to unique databases

We motivate our staff so that they realize their full potential and achieve personal growth, ultimately for the benefit of the customer.
• Creative and innovative marketing concepts


To consistently meet our customers’ and stakeholder’s expectations through a clear understanding of our decisions and actions


We take full responsibility for our decisions and actions


We uphold the principles of conduct concerning the distinction between right and wrong behavior


We strive to serve our customers diligently and with integrity


We deliver excellent results on time and on budget

Team Work

We work in cooperation and harmony and share knowledge while motivating ourselves so that each can realize their full potential
client satisfaction
Successful Deliveries

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